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Founded by Attorney Larissa Jean Owens, a proud alumna of Florida International University College of Law in Miami as well as Rollins College in Winter Park. Anchor Law sets out to be a firm that you can rely on and trust. An anchor's original purpose is to secure a ship to the ocean floor to provide stability to the vessel and ensure the safety of those on board. Over time it has come to represent hope, and security, and meaningful ties. It is the goal of Anchor Law to be a firm that can offer hope during rough seas, and stability and security for when the seas are calm.
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Services: Navigating Legal Waters? Drop Anchor with Us

Anchor Law, P.A. Provides

Estate Planning

Anchoring Legacies: Charting Your Future with Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Living Will, Healthcare Surrogate, Durable Power of Attorney, Preneed Guardians.


Anchored Resolve: Navigating Civil Disputes and Domestic Arbitration

Probate, Trust, Real Estate litigation, and general civil litigation, contract disputes.

Probate and Trust Administrations

Anchoring Final Wishes: Your Beacon in Probate and Trust Law

Probate administration, Trust administration, asset distribution after death.


Navigating Families Through Care and Protection of Loved Ones

Permanent Guardianship, Guardian Advocacy, Limited Guardianship.

Small Business

Anchoring Your Business Success with Law

Small business formation (Incorporation and LLC), vendor contracts, NDAs, employment contracts.

Real Estate

Where Real Estate and Stability Meet

General real estate assistance, commercial and residential leases, partition actions, deeds, and real estate succession before and after death.

Uncontested Family Law Matters

Anchored Solutions for Harmonious Family Legal Matters

Adoptions, Name Changes, Uncontested Divorce.

Intellectual Property

Anchoring Innovation: Safeguarding Your Intellectual Voyage

Trademarks and Copyrights

International Law & Domestic International Arbitration

Navigating Justice Beyond Boundaries

Domestic Arbitration, International Arbitration and transnational disputes with foundations in U.S. Federal or Florida Law.
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